“Flash drive” earns win for Eagles

By Todd Fuqua

Starting the fourth quarter, Hondo’s football team seemed to be cruising to a much-needed victory over Floyd, Sept. 30.

With 14 seconds left in the game, suddenly things had become very close.

By that point, the Bronchos had scored, then kicked for the extra two points – remember, this is six man – to tie it at 62-all.

With so little time left on the clock, the Eagles needed to score quickly, so they simply marched down the field for a touchdown to win 68-62.

“We didn’t know if we’d be able to hang on if it went into overtime,” said Hondo coach Brandon Devine. “So we went as hard as we could to finish up the game. Luckily enough it came up on our side.”

Hondo (2-3) led 56-32 as the third quarter came to a close, but the Eagles were banged up, having lost Miguel Gonzales and Porfirio Romero to injuries.

That meant Devine had to rely on some very young players by the final period, and they may not have been ready to hold the advantage.

“They figured they were so far ahead they could take a few plays off,” Devine said. “You just can’t do that against a big ol’ team like Floyd.”

Floyd (2-2) capped off the comeback and kicked the extra points – a rarity in six man – to make it a game again.

“When I sent out the defense on that extra point, I could see in their eyes they weren’t too concerned,” Devine said. “After they made the kick and realized Floyd had tied it up, we had to put all our effort into one basket.”

While the Eagles lightening-quick scoring drive gave them the win, they’ll still be without Gonzales or Romero in this weekend’s District 2 game against Reserve, Oct. 7.

“It’s gonna be tough. Those two starters, we won’t have them,” Devine said. “Reserve is built a bit more for how we play, so hopefully we can get some of those young kids to step up.”

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