Ruidoso golf teams in the running for trophys

By Todd Fuqua

Ruidoso’s girls golf team came in with high hopes of earning its second State title ever, while the Ruidoso boys were ecstatic to make the field.

At the end of the first day of the Class 4A/1A tournament at Pinon Hills in Farmington, neither were exactly in the running for a State championship.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though, at least not for the girls.

Ruidoso’s Lady Warriors shot a 409 on the first day, May 8, and are currently 21 strokes behind St. Michael’s. They’re 14 strokes back of Silver and sit in third place.

Lucero thinks staying in the running for any trophy – even third – is still a likelihood for her team, but that getting past St. Mike’s to first is a possibility.

“Being behind by 20 isn’t always too bad,” Lucero said. “We could play better by 10, they could play worse by 10. Our girls have the potential to do it, which is why we’ve spent the last four days in a row playing here.”

Individually, Lexi Lucero’s 81 was the best on the team and tied for second overall with Miquela Martinez of St. Michael’s.

“The course is pretty difficult, and even after we came up last week and learned where not to hit it, we still did,” said coach Lucero. “None of the scores were outstanding on the girls’ side of things.”

Ruidoso’s boys are currently fourth, but only 10 strokes back of St. Michael’s in third.

Honestly, a third place finish may be all the Warriors can hope for, as Hope Christian and Portales were both tied with a 313 team score, 39 strokes ahead of the Warriors.

Jake Butkiewicz led the way with a decent score of 81, although coach Jason Kampsky said the eighth grader was still pretty hard on himself.

“He thinks he played terrible, but he really played extremely well,” Kampsky said. “I told them not to worry about playing bad, because this is a difficult course.”

Kampsky expects a better day from his squad, particularly because they’ve played Pinon Hill so many times now.

“This will be the fourth time we’ve seen the course in four days, so I think we’ll be ready,” Kampsky said. “Also, it’s supposed to be cooler with a possibility of rain, which actually might help us out a little bit.”

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