Carrizozo improves in win over Menaul

By Todd Fuqua

It may seem like an obvious comment when Carrizozo football coach Dale Jackson talks about his team’s 53-0 win over Menaul on Friday.

“We played a good game. This was the best game of our season,” Jackson said. “They did some things pretty well. We played team football and it was fun to coach.”

The game was called in the third quarter, so yeah, it seems the Grizzlies (3-0) did pretty well. But Jackson was talking about how the team did beyond the scoreboard.

A week before, Carrizozo slayed Alamo Navajo, mainly thanks to an opportunistic defense taking advantage of Cougar miscues.

There weren’t as many mistakes on the part of Menaul, according to Jackson.

“Their offense moved the ball a bit better,” Jackson said. “They had some good players, and we were earning the win more.”
Also, Jackson compared the victory to the Grizzlies’ 41-0 win over Foothill.

“This was a better team than Foothill,” Jackson said. “They had one running back that broke big plays. With Menaul it was more of a team effort.”

Most important, Carrizozo got to work on its offense and move kids around in different positions to try things out.

“There were a couple of guys in different spots where they hadn’t played before,” Jackson said. “That will make us much more competitive in district, when all the other schools have so many more players on their team. We were excited that we had a few step up last night that will be able to help us.”

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