Hondo wins in four

By Todd Fuqua

From the moment Carrizozo’s volleyball team took the floor against Hondo, Sept. 5, Grizzly coach Whitney Whittaker knew something wasn’t right.

“You could tell from the beginning they weren’t focused,” Whittaker said. “They weren’t thinking about the game.”

It wasn’t entirely Carrizozo’s fault. School had been canceled that day – and for the rest of the week, now – due to sulphur in the groundwater.

That led to a lot of troubled minds, including those of the Grizzlies (0-3).

Still, Whittaker said they did well against an experienced Hondo squad.
“They still had some moments of glory in there,” Whittaker said. “It wasn’t our best game, but under the circumstances, it was to be expected.”

After winning the first two games, Hondo (2-2) brought in younger players off the bench, which is when the Grizzlies were able to win the frame.

After that, Eagle coach Denise Montoya put the starters back in to finish it out.

Both teams are in action on Sept. 7, when Hondo is at Mescalero, while the Grizzlies host Cloudcroft.

“I don’t know what they have, I haven’t scouted them yet,” Whittaker said of the Bears. “We’ll just go over our rotation and get re-focused on the sport.”

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