Capitan bests Demons in quarters

By Todd Fuqua

Ruidoso wasn’t the only football team taking on an old foe this week. Capitan also had to play a team they had faced just two weeks before in the Class 3A State quarterfinals on Nov. 17.

Things went well for the Tigers, as they won 57-12.

Capitan coach James Weems expected a bit more from the Demons (6-6) whom the Tigers had defeated 48-22 in the final game of the regular season.

This time around, Dexter had problems at the quarterback position, where Jarren Amaro did his best while dealing with injuries he’d sustained in the last two games.
That includes a first-round win over Texico.

“I really thought they’d come out and play stronger than they did,” Weems said. “They tried a couple of things, we had great defense and did what we wanted on offense. We got a lot of playing time for these younger kids, which I didn’t expect us to be able to do.”

Next up in the Class 3A semifinals is Santa Rosa. The Lions toasted Tularosa, 53-7, in their quarterfinal matchup.

Santa Rosa (8-3) is noted for its single wing offense, with no true quarterback, just a “spinner back” who can hand the ball off to one of four different guys at any time.

Moriarty actually ran something similar against Ruidoso on Friday.

“They’ve run that offense forever, and no one likes defending that,” Weems said. “We had success against something like that against Eunice. When you have a solid line with each kid doing his job, we should be in pretty good shape.”

That Eunice game is in the backs of every Tigers’ mind, and they’d love another crack at avenging their only loss of the season, according to Weems.

“This team is all about getting there again,” Weems said. “This group of seniors led the team through last season, too, and they want another shot at Eunice.

“Whoever we face, we’ll give it our best and the community is getting into it again,” he added.

Game time against Santa Rosa is Saturday, Nov. 25 at 1 p.m. at Tiger Field.

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